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Between Us Counselling
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 by CC
Hidden Gem

Due to a catalogue of unprecedented events, I was just about as low as I’ve ever been. However counselling with Dawn was one of the best experiences to date. Dawn listened and actively helped me find and utilise resources to allow me to move forward in a manner that is sustainable. She also enabled me to make sense of what had happened, how to cope with and better understand the events that had caused my anxiety and low mood. I am now able to stand back and think rationally before proceeding, keeping my thoughts in the present. Not the past or the future, because we can’t control them. Moreover Dawn taught me to identify the drains and radiators - and this I feel has been really been life changing for me! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dawn. You truly are amazing.

 by Jane

I honestly don't know where to start describing my journey with Dawn. Unsure what to expect, but knowing I needed some counselling support, Dawn guided me through the process with such gentleness and understanding. Dawn allowed me to deal with things at my own pace - which actually felt very quick, but that was my pace, not hers. I also left knowing I can access her support at anytime - and I definitely will. I can't recommend her services highly enough. I've learnt so much about myself - thank you Dawn x

 by Kw

From my First call with Dawn, she made feel very relaxed, i manged to open up to her about everything that was going on, and she helped me so much with being able to deal with my thoughts and emotions, in which i put in to practice every day, she has really helped me with my own personal issues. Thank you so much Dawn. I would highly recommend her to anyone that would need a bit of counselling.

 by BF
Simply the Best...

I contacted Dawn so that I could have someone to talk to about some lifelong self worth issues and also dealing with the recent loss of my Dad. Dawn is the most understanding, comforting individual and I count myself lucky that I get to see her on a weekly basis. Alongside being understanding, Dawn also challenges me to look at things from different perspectives and as a result of that, I see things in a completely different light; and I probably wouldn't have without her help. I still have a long way to go with my therapy process, but I feel safe knowing that I have Dawn by my side for the journey. I would recommend Dawn to anyone wishing to start therapy for the first time or someone who has had therapy in the past and is seeking it again. Dawn, you are a bright light in what can sometimes feel a very dark place. Thank you for your continued help. BF

 by Gillian
great understanding

Dawn allowed me to switch from topic to topic within a session as I began to see the interconnectivity of so many things. To be allowed to explore difficulties and talk about them without being judged, and to find my own solutions not those which other people think you should do was really valuable. Very glad to have found such a warm and empathetic person to help me.

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