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Dawn Grundy MA, MBACP


Professionally qualified

  • MA Clinical Counselling, University of Chester.
  • BA (Hons), Nottingham Trent University.
  • Introduction to HE Counselling Level 3 – CCSW
  • Introduction to Counselling Level 2 – CCSW
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Additional training

Counselling Online – a coronavirus primer (Open University & BACP training)

  • Working with Suicide in Private Practice
  • Making Room for Ambivalence in Motherhood
  •              Child sexual abuse : Hope for Healing

Boarding School Syndrome Specific Training and Research Publication

​Dawn Grundy (2021) An Exploration of the Trauma of Attending Boys Boarding School and its Impact on Adult Life, University of Chester: MA dissertation

Normalised Neglect & Privileged Abandonment – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training

Privilege and Abandonment  – CPD training

Introduction to Working with Boarding School Survivors – CPD training

Working with women boarding school survivors – A workshop for therapists – CPD training

  • Unmaking of Them : Boarding School Survivors Diploma Course (Specialist training for therapists who work with adults impacted by their boarding school experience.)

Boarding School support organisations

Boarding School Survivors: (www.boardingschoolsurvivors.co.uk) provides therapy for ex-boarders and specialist training for therapists. Boarding School Survivors also has a support group accessed via Facebook.

Boarding Recovery: Healing the Wounds (www.boardingrecovery.com) is a network of therapists with expertise in working with ex-boarders.

Boarding Concern: (www.boardingconcern.org.uk) is a support network and aims to educate the public about the risks of boarding.

Boarding School Action: (http://boardingschoolaction.wordpress.com) is an organisation that seeks to challenge the tradition of boarding schools in Britain.

* Details of support organisations noted from – Duffell & Basset, Trauma, Abandonment and Privilege, 2016

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